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So I'm planning a 3-month trip (mid-May to mid-August) to New Zealand next year, and I am in need of guidance/advice.

1) Anyway, the main reason I want to visit is to experience NZ (river-rafting, sky-diving, hiking/climbing, swimming, visiting the national parks, etc.), but I was also hoping to get a job while I'm there. Now, I have a Brazilian passport (though I live in the USA and am considered a permanent resident), and according to what I've researched online I won't need to apply for a visitor's visa if I'm only staying for three months, but considering the fact that I want to work, too, I'm having trouble finding which temporary work visa would apply to me. Does anyone have any idea, or would you recommend I talk to a travel agent?

2) As for where I want to go, I was planning on starting either in the North or South depending on which airport I land in, and then making my way to the opposite end of the country. I have some spots that I want to visit (e.g.: Queenstown, Fiordland, Rotorua), but again, I'm having a hard time finding someone who's been there and can advise me on how long to stay or where to go first or where to not go at all, or can advise me on a more feasible travel plan.

It's my first time traveling out of the country on my own, and I'm having some trouble finding someone in RL that's a) visited NZ, or b) has travel experience. I'm hoping I have more luck here!
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