I'm off to China and Thailand in December. I will go a day earlier as I want to and will be sitting around for a full day, doing nothing -- partly airfare, partly shitty connections. The joys of the International traveller. The first quote I got from our travel office took me from Stuttgart to Frankfurt to Bangkok to Guangzhou. My first reaction was "You have got to be joking!" So was my second reaction. The only way how I can get from Frankfurt to Guangzhou in one hop is with Lufthansa. I could have gone from Stuttgart with Air France via Paris or KLM via Amsterdam, but they all share their flights with South China Air. I used them before and -- trust me -- you do not want to use them, if you can avoid it. Especially not on a 12 hour flight. So, I could only go Friday night with Lufthansa, which unfortunately gets me there on Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be boring.

And another drawback: Lufthansa uses Boeing. The Lufthansa Boeing fleet is a little older, so the inflight entertainment sucks. Overhead projector, no choice. Bleh.

If I manage to get a multiple entry visa into China, I might go to Hong Kong for the day. But it's doubtful. I am way too lazy, will be grumpy from jetlag and not interested in shopping enough to put up with a two hour train ride one way for it.

The hop from Guangzhou to Bangkok will be with Egypt Air. It was the cheapest option and it will give me a nice nostalgic feeling. Ok, service won't be so hot. But it's only a three hour flight, so I don't care.

And because I am a dork, I will fly back from Bangkok with Swiss Air via Zurich -- they use Airbus, which has individual screens in the front seat with a bigger movie selection. Yeah, silly, I know.


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