Ok, so I know there's not too many people here yet, but hopefully you guys who are will give me your input!

Here's the deal. I'm creating the tags for the comm, which means gathering up allllllllllll the countries out there. But because I think organization is vital to things like this, I have to sort them accordingly. But my problem is the Americas.

Right now, I've got it reading as "location: americas[north] - somecountry" "location: americas[north] - somecountry (somecity or someprovince)." I did north, and south. But now, there's the middle chunk. A page on wiki says it's accepted to refer to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean as "Middle America," but I feel kinda odd calling what I know as "Central America," Middle America. And I'm so confused about where Mexico goes, given things like this: "Geophysically, the [Central American] region starts at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico (namely the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, and Yucat√°n). The United Nations geoscheme includes Mexico in Central America; conversely, the European Union excludes both Mexico and Belize from the area. Geopolitically however, Mexico is usually considered a part of the North American region." So in that sense, just shoving it in "Middle America" seems like a simple answer, but... what do you guys think?? Do you like or dislike the idea of "americas[middle]" in the tags, with Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean locations listed under it?

Thanks for your help! ^^
Hiya. I just wanted to first make a little introduction post. Obviously, I'm the creator/maintainer of this 'ere comm. I have long been using the various comms over on LJ, and I searched and didn't see any here, so I sought to remedy that. If you make one yourself about some other area/aspect of travel, I'd be happy to include it on the info page so we can spread the word around about all the travel-y goodness! ^__^

Anyhow. About me. I'm a female, in my late 20s, American, and enjoying my new life in Europe (and hopeful to be a Belgian citizen in a handful of years). I was bitten by the travel bug early in life, probably due to the fact that every school break my parents would take me on some vacation, whether it was to visit family in the next state, or go to a theme park in sunny Florida, we went somewhere. As a teen, I started having the dream of seeing the rest of the world, outside the US, one day. I didn't fuss over it though, as I didn't really think it would ever happen, and didn't want to be let down about that! But lo & behold, here I am, living in Europe! So, since moving, I have traveled a lot (12 countries & counting!), and will continue my explorations as time goes on. There is not really anywhere in Europe that I wouldn't like to see, and really I'd like to see most of the globe! Only time will tell how far I'll get. ~_^

I think that's probably about all the "important" stuff about me, as pertains to this comm, at least. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, and then get posting about Europe! ^___^

Oh, "business" related notes; I will be making tags & tagging guide soon. The rules are in place on the info page, but it's pretty much your standard no-brainer stuff - don't be a dick, tag posts, ask/post relevant stuff, you all know how it goes. Suggestions are always welcome, as are questions. Don't hesitate to contact me on my own journal page with suggestions/questions/comments/anything else, too. Am I forgetting anything?? Let me know!


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