I'm sort of interested in seeing what places show up in the community here. What countries and cities would you care most about seeing in your lifetime?
I'm off to China and Thailand in December. I will go a day earlier as I want to and will be sitting around for a full day, doing nothing -- partly airfare, partly shitty connections. The joys of the International traveller. The first quote I got from our travel office took me from Stuttgart to Frankfurt to Bangkok to Guangzhou. My first reaction was "You have got to be joking!" So was my second reaction. The only way how I can get from Frankfurt to Guangzhou in one hop is with Lufthansa. I could have gone from Stuttgart with Air France via Paris or KLM via Amsterdam, but they all share their flights with South China Air. I used them before and -- trust me -- you do not want to use them, if you can avoid it. Especially not on a 12 hour flight. So, I could only go Friday night with Lufthansa, which unfortunately gets me there on Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be boring.

And another drawback: Lufthansa uses Boeing. The Lufthansa Boeing fleet is a little older, so the inflight entertainment sucks. Overhead projector, no choice. Bleh.

If I manage to get a multiple entry visa into China, I might go to Hong Kong for the day. But it's doubtful. I am way too lazy, will be grumpy from jetlag and not interested in shopping enough to put up with a two hour train ride one way for it.

The hop from Guangzhou to Bangkok will be with Egypt Air. It was the cheapest option and it will give me a nice nostalgic feeling. Ok, service won't be so hot. But it's only a three hour flight, so I don't care.

And because I am a dork, I will fly back from Bangkok with Swiss Air via Zurich -- they use Airbus, which has individual screens in the front seat with a bigger movie selection. Yeah, silly, I know.
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So I'm planning a 3-month trip (mid-May to mid-August) to New Zealand next year, and I am in need of guidance/advice.

1) Anyway, the main reason I want to visit is to experience NZ (river-rafting, sky-diving, hiking/climbing, swimming, visiting the national parks, etc.), but I was also hoping to get a job while I'm there. Now, I have a Brazilian passport (though I live in the USA and am considered a permanent resident), and according to what I've researched online I won't need to apply for a visitor's visa if I'm only staying for three months, but considering the fact that I want to work, too, I'm having trouble finding which temporary work visa would apply to me. Does anyone have any idea, or would you recommend I talk to a travel agent?

2) As for where I want to go, I was planning on starting either in the North or South depending on which airport I land in, and then making my way to the opposite end of the country. I have some spots that I want to visit (e.g.: Queenstown, Fiordland, Rotorua), but again, I'm having a hard time finding someone who's been there and can advise me on how long to stay or where to go first or where to not go at all, or can advise me on a more feasible travel plan.

It's my first time traveling out of the country on my own, and I'm having some trouble finding someone in RL that's a) visited NZ, or b) has travel experience. I'm hoping I have more luck here!
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The MallI walked over to the mall last night. It only opened again a few days ago apparently.

In May it looked like this.... Fast work! The part that was completely destroyed is actually not open yet, it had a building fence in front. But the front looked finished.

I walked around for a bit and looked at the shops, then made my way up to the 7th floor, checked out the cinemas and picked a Japanese fastfood place in the food court. Very greasy, very cheap, very satisfying. On my way out I stopped on the ground floor at Starbucks and got a carrot cupcake and a soymilk latte. In Europe I would only go to Starbucks if I was desperate, but after several days of Nescafe and very bad hotel coffee it was tempting. Sadly it was really weak. Ok, it's always weak, but this was even more so -- maybe Thais like really thin coffee and Starbucks adapted? The Starbucks in China definitely serves stronger coffee. Oh well. Across the street from my hotel is another Starbucks, perhaps I need another sampling.

When I got back to the hotel last night, I actually worked till 2am. I was totally shattered today! Went to lunch with the people from work -- snails, mussles, crab, shrimps, fish... -- and then proceeded to work again till 10pm. Done for now.
Hi there, I joined the community a little while ago and as there haven't been many posts yet, I feel a little unsure what kind of posts would be acceptable. So I am just going to nilly-willy cross-post my regular posts about my trip. Mods, if this is not ok, please let me know! I am also unsure about tagging, sorry if I am not doing it right...

Anyway, so I am in Bangkok for a week...


I had a lazy and long breakfast yesterday. Got up at 9am, had some coffee and a sandhich, then surfed the net for two hours. Rushed through grabbing all the bits and bobs I need for the trip -- gazillions of chargers and cables and documents -- and pulled out some clothes for hot weather. I managed to restrict myself to two pairs of shoes, 2 skirts on top of the trousers I was wearing for the flight and 7 tops. I even managed to squeeze all that into my small suitcase. I am probably going to freeze my legs off this week in the office, if the a/c ends up being really low. But I have no interest in running around the factory in +30C and over 80% humidity in long trousers. *note to self: buy some decent knee-length shorts*

I checked-in online Friday night. Tactical error: Never choose seats in the row behind the row with baby bassinets! The two babies in that row were luckily pretty quiet. They slept through most of the night, same as most everybody else.

Turkish Airways had no baggage drop-off for people that had already checked-in, which pissed me off, but couldn't be helped. I piped down eventually, only to get annoyed again when they had computer problems. It actually took 40 minutes for me to reach the front of the line to drop off my tiny suitcase. Argh, the joys of travelling! One the plus side I had entered my state of travel zen and was relaxed enough not to bitch at the clerk when I eventually got to her. Not her fault anyway.

The flight to Instanbul was ok. Someone in my row had ordered a veggie meal and they couldn't figure out who, so I had it. I actually forgot to tell the travel agent to book a lactose free meal for me. They showed "Predators" on the overhead projector, which was entertaining enough.

On the flight from Instanbul to Bangkok the seat next to me was empty. Score! I had Turkish dolmas for dinner -- very good! -- and watched "Clash of the Titans" -- too long and more boring than I expected. Put on a masque and earplugs and slept almost until breakfast, which was a nasty egg spinach concoction. Yugh. When will airlines stop serving eggs? It just doesn't work and is either too glibbery or like eating rubber. And it rarely tastes like eggs anyway. The coffee was hideous, which I hadn't expected from a Turkish airline.

It took over an hour from the airport to the hotel, traffic was a bitch. I checked in and took a three hour nap, had room service and watched some TV. I am not sure when I will be picked up tomorrow morning, so I am aiming for an 8am pick-up.

My cold is pretty much gone. My nose is still bothering me a little and I feel bleary eyed and have a slight headache. But that could be from travelling as well.

One good thing: The hotel has HBO, which I am watching right now...
Ok, so I know there's not too many people here yet, but hopefully you guys who are will give me your input!

Here's the deal. I'm creating the tags for the comm, which means gathering up allllllllllll the countries out there. But because I think organization is vital to things like this, I have to sort them accordingly. But my problem is the Americas.

Right now, I've got it reading as "location: americas[north] - somecountry" "location: americas[north] - somecountry (somecity or someprovince)." I did north, and south. But now, there's the middle chunk. A page on wiki says it's accepted to refer to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean as "Middle America," but I feel kinda odd calling what I know as "Central America," Middle America. And I'm so confused about where Mexico goes, given things like this: "Geophysically, the [Central American] region starts at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico (namely the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, Quintana Roo, and Yucat√°n). The United Nations geoscheme includes Mexico in Central America; conversely, the European Union excludes both Mexico and Belize from the area. Geopolitically however, Mexico is usually considered a part of the North American region." So in that sense, just shoving it in "Middle America" seems like a simple answer, but... what do you guys think?? Do you like or dislike the idea of "americas[middle]" in the tags, with Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean locations listed under it?

Thanks for your help! ^^
Hiya. I just wanted to first make a little introduction post. Obviously, I'm the creator/maintainer of this 'ere comm. I have long been using the various comms over on LJ, and I searched and didn't see any here, so I sought to remedy that. If you make one yourself about some other area/aspect of travel, I'd be happy to include it on the info page so we can spread the word around about all the travel-y goodness! ^__^

Anyhow. About me. I'm a female, in my late 20s, American, and enjoying my new life in Europe (and hopeful to be a Belgian citizen in a handful of years). I was bitten by the travel bug early in life, probably due to the fact that every school break my parents would take me on some vacation, whether it was to visit family in the next state, or go to a theme park in sunny Florida, we went somewhere. As a teen, I started having the dream of seeing the rest of the world, outside the US, one day. I didn't fuss over it though, as I didn't really think it would ever happen, and didn't want to be let down about that! But lo & behold, here I am, living in Europe! So, since moving, I have traveled a lot (12 countries & counting!), and will continue my explorations as time goes on. There is not really anywhere in Europe that I wouldn't like to see, and really I'd like to see most of the globe! Only time will tell how far I'll get. ~_^

I think that's probably about all the "important" stuff about me, as pertains to this comm, at least. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, and then get posting about Europe! ^___^

Oh, "business" related notes; I will be making tags & tagging guide soon. The rules are in place on the info page, but it's pretty much your standard no-brainer stuff - don't be a dick, tag posts, ask/post relevant stuff, you all know how it goes. Suggestions are always welcome, as are questions. Don't hesitate to contact me on my own journal page with suggestions/questions/comments/anything else, too. Am I forgetting anything?? Let me know!