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The MallI walked over to the mall last night. It only opened again a few days ago apparently.

In May it looked like this.... Fast work! The part that was completely destroyed is actually not open yet, it had a building fence in front. But the front looked finished.

I walked around for a bit and looked at the shops, then made my way up to the 7th floor, checked out the cinemas and picked a Japanese fastfood place in the food court. Very greasy, very cheap, very satisfying. On my way out I stopped on the ground floor at Starbucks and got a carrot cupcake and a soymilk latte. In Europe I would only go to Starbucks if I was desperate, but after several days of Nescafe and very bad hotel coffee it was tempting. Sadly it was really weak. Ok, it's always weak, but this was even more so -- maybe Thais like really thin coffee and Starbucks adapted? The Starbucks in China definitely serves stronger coffee. Oh well. Across the street from my hotel is another Starbucks, perhaps I need another sampling.

When I got back to the hotel last night, I actually worked till 2am. I was totally shattered today! Went to lunch with the people from work -- snails, mussles, crab, shrimps, fish... -- and then proceeded to work again till 10pm. Done for now.
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